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Why do we use Tapestry?
  • Online learning journey
  • Closed network; staff and parents
  • A way to observe learning in Early Years
  • To track progress
  • To plan next steps
How can parents benefit from Tapestry?
  • See what your child has been doing at school
  • Support at home by being informed about what we are doing at school
  • Upload observations of what you have been doing at home
Examples of things you could upload
  • Rode bike without stabilisers for the first time
  • Went to the shops and counted things in the trolley (how many)
  • Visited relatives and spoke to an unfamiliar adult
  • A family event
  • Anything the children are excited about!

You can download the Tapestry app for free from either the:


To log in to Tapestry in a browser, use the link in Quicklinks in the top right corner of our website.